Display two dialog boxes at the same time or add a checkbox into a dialog box already created

Hi folks,

In the image attached have been Wand tool dialog box displayed. I would like to add a check box to the previous dialog box or display another dialog box at the same time. It is possible? The aim of this is:

  1. I need to check if the tolerance bar is able to discriminate the area.
    2.If the above is not possible, I would like to continue with my script choosing another tool.

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Hey @Professor_OAT

I assume you are using the ImagJ macro language. Have you tried the waitForUser() macro function ?

It allows you to stop the script while the user can play with full user interface of ImageJ until they click ok in this dialog:

Let us know if this helps.


Hi @haesleinhuepf,

Thanks for your reply,

I am using the ImageJ macro language with Fiji. I have tried the waitForUser() but I think I have not explained well. Before run("Wand tool…), I have displayed a waitForUser to select a region of interest with setTool(“point”), then run(“Wand tool…”) runs, to draw an area when you slide the Tolerance bar manually. Sometimes the area is no drawn well in some images due to the background, so it would be nice to show at the same time that Wand tool dialog box is displayed, another dialog box such as getBoolean or Dialog.create with the aim to choose another option. In summarize, I only need to display another dialog box at the same time Wand Tool dialog box (in the picture) is displayed. But at this moment, only is possible to display a new dialog box when I press OK in Wand Tool dialog box. Another possibility is get a reference value from Wand Tool dialog box such as the value of the Tolerance, for instance: If i slide the tolerance bar until 0 and get that reference value…

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