Display object number?

I am new to CellProfiler but so far I love it!! I have been modifying one of the example pipelines from the website to look at nuclear and cytoplasmic ratios in transiently transfected cells. I was wondering if there is a way to display object number on the image used. I identify the nucleus by using an image with just DAPI staining. This means that there are cells that are identified and quantitated that aren’t positive for my transfection. The output data is labeled by object number but I haven’t found a way to tell which cells correlate to the object number. I can make an educated guess by using the X,Y coordinates of the objects but I am hoping there is an easier way. Thanks!

To visually capture this output, you can use DisplayDataOnImage and select the image to display the data on, select the nuclei objects, “Number” as the category and “Object_Number” as the measurement. This image can then be captured and saved using SaveImages.


Perfect!! Thanks