Display issue: plugin list exceeding screen border

Hi all,
I noticed a minor display issue with my long plugin menu list, I was wondering if others experienced the same.

Windows 10

When a second screen is attached to extend the current display, the plugin list does not show the top/bottom navigation arrows to scroll through the list when it does not fit on screen.
It just exceeds the limit of the second screen, see below how the entry Debug is partly out of the screen, and what’s below inaccessible.


However, if Fiji is on the main screen, it is fine, same if I display on the second screen exclusively, the navigation arrows are there.
I could observe it with 2 different external screens (one of them a large TV).

Linux (Lubuntu)

I have another laptop with Lubuntu, there it’s kind of the opposite :sweat_smile:
I have the plugin list cut at the bottom on the main laptop screen, although it seems there is enough space on the upper side of the screen for the menu to extend.
However, it works when Fiji is on a second screen extending the main display.

I see the same thing on Windows 10 on some monitors, but I can usually use the mousewheel to move up and down when hovering over the menu.

Maybe we need a second plugins menu…