Display height and width of an image

I am absolute beginner in ImageJ 1.53C.

I want to open two png images, one is a resampled version of the other.
After opening, I would like to set the physical coordinate details for them i.e. physical origin, width and height in mm and want the application to resize the two display windows according to the physical units.

How do I achieve it? I tried looking into the user guide but don’t have any clue.
If you can provide a link to a document explaining this will also be appreciated.

Hi fonis,

If you want to have the height and width of your image, first you have to calibrate it :
Image > Properties > 'Then you enter the pixel width, pixel height, and voxel depth (if you have a 3D image)"

Then you’ll find on your image all the information about its wdth and height in mm (if it’s the unit you used to calibrate it) and pixel.

Here are some screenshot that might help you :

Hoping that this answer will help you,

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To see tutorials I send you some links:


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