Display "0" values in Sholl Analysis plots

I’d like to be able to plot all values in Sholl plots including the points where there are no intersections.
Right now when I do Plot.getValues(radius, inters), I only get points where inters>0.

I can’t find any options to graph those points in the “Metrics and Options” or “Plot Options” prompts.


This was requested while ago it is implemented not through the Plot window but through the detailed table. See this thread for details and the explanation on why zeros are trimmed from the plotted profile:

BTW, in the next couple of days you will find a new command in Analyze>Sholl>Sholl Analysis (Experimental): It corresponds to the pre-release of the new version of plugin as ImageJ2 command. It won’t be affected by any of these limitations that afflicted the IJ1 implementation.

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