Directionality Plugin Histogram Generation from CSV file

@tinevez While I am able to generate a directionality color map using the Directionality plugin, I can’t get a results table as featured in the plugin’s wiki. Does anyone know how to generate the histogram as shown from the csv file the plugin creates? As far as I can tell I have “direction” represented in my csv files and then a best fit from each of the times in my stack, but no other data to create the amount axis of the histogram as shown.I would like to convert my Directionality Histogram csv file into a histogram as shown on the wiki. The csv file is shown below:

I don’t know how to create the Gaussian fit histogram that’s represented in the wiki here:

Similarly, when I opt to create a table from my color map, I get data that looks like this in csv form:

I still don’t know how to turn it into a gaussian fit histogram for the purposes of seeing the most common directions represented in my images.

I think I figured out the problem. My data set was a long time series that had some blank images. When I kept the good stack, I got the histogram by not checking any boxes for output.

hi, @Kristy_Wendt, It seems that you are working on image direction detecting, I want to write some python code in this field, can you share your data with me, and tell me what result do you want?