Directionality Plug In output issue

Hi All,
I’m new to this forum, and I hope you can help! I’m using the Directionality plugin to look at the orientation of bone trabeculae in biopsy samples. I’ve created masks of the trabeculae in Photoshop and am using them as the files for the measurements. In some cases, the directionality histogram values return orientations outside of the -90 through +90 angles (e.g. one returned at -350.47 degrees). Has anyone else had this problem?

Thank you,


I would first recommend that you produce your binary masks using ImageJ/Fiji instead. Why use Photoshop at all when ImageJ is more adept at doing scientific analyses? :slight_smile: To create such masks… just check out the Segmentation workshop & slides - those are a great place to start. Specifically - start with this slide and use space bar to move through the presentation (you can always click ‘ESC’ if you get lost in the slides).

You can always share your image here too - so we can see about reproducing the error that you see… But really - I would advise you to do everything using ImageJ/Fiji. Photoshop is not meant for scientific image analysis.