Digest notifications


I have not visited for a few days and I have set the preferences to notify me “weekly”. but I am being sent “digests” twice a day, for the last 2 or 3 days.
Any ideas if this is a bug or is it me not understanding what the “weekly” setting means.


Same here. Too much mail.


Same here, received 10 mails in the last three days. My setting is set to once every three days.



Looks like something buggy is going on with Discourse.

E-mail logs say that digests are being sent out every 4-6 hours… to everyone…

The default is supposed to be “every 3 days”, and the digest times are supposed to be “after not visiting the site for x days”

Anyway I just tried clearing and resetting things. If anyone gets a digest e-mail earlier than the specified wait time after their last forum visit, please let me know and I will disable Digests and open an issue on meta.discourse


Thanks hinerm, I have not received any emails since yesterday. Before seemed it seemed to work fine. This happened in the last week or so.


There were definitely upgrades last week, including a rebuild of the Discourse Docker container. So it seems very likely that the upgrade introduced this bug.

Anyway I will also monitor what e-mails Discourse sends out for a few hours to see if it’s still digest spamming.

Thanks for the feedback; apologies for the inconvenience.


Looks like the digest mails are still going out.

Bug filed.

Sorry again to everyone who’s being spammed. I’m going to disable digest e-mails for now, but will continue to monitor.


Thanks for the quick follow-up, @hinerm. It seems the Discourse team has now fixed this bug! I am out of the office today, but @hinerm or I will upgrade the system again (and reenable the digest feature) as soon as we get a chance. Hopefully tomorrow, unless the impending Madison snowstorm trashes us too badly. :wink:


Ah I thought I posted a message yesterday but I guess it didn’t go through. I upgraded and re-enabled digests before leaving yesterday. :slightly_smiling:

But… looking at the e-mail logs, discourse is still sending e-mails every 6 hours. There was another upgrade this morning which I just ran, so we’ll see…


Odd notifications again from this forum.
I received one today with links to forum.image.sc saying that I have not visited from Dec 11 and also 1 (!) new topic since that time. Wrong in both counts.
The link does not point to this site address, is that correct or is some kind of phishing going on?

Merge of ImageJ and CellProfiler forums on August 2

I got the same email linking to the trydiscourse site… where I am prompted to log in.

Feels phishy.

From imagej@discoursemail.com.


Apologies—it was not phishing, but a leak from the test environment leading up to the new image.sc forum. See:

A user somehow found the temporary test environment at forum.image.sc and created a new topic there, which then triggered an email to the entire userbase. :disappointed: We subsequently disabled all outgoing mail.