Difficulty Using LAP Tracker in CellProfiler

This is something of a request for an update on a topic raised by @SebT a number of years ago:

Seeing as that discussion is a little old, I thought it best to kick off a new one, but my problem is essentially the same as that previously described - the LAP tracker in #cellprofiler seems to be rather difficult to use relative to the #trackmate implementation due to the rather confusing nature of the parameters as they appear in #cellprofiler.

So, I’m just wondering if there are any plans to change the implementation to make it a little more user-friendly?!?

Nope ;D
We find the parameters challenging too; they are as implemented with the help of the original creator, Dr Jaqaman, from the Danuser lab but we have not changed anything since then and don’t have plans to. Dr Mark Bray even created a tool, CellProfiler Tracer, to help him diagnose tracking problems and improve timelapse pipelines but he does not maintain that tool anymore.

Sorry we cannot be of more help!

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Thanks @AnneCarpenter,

Yes, I seem to remember having a play with CellProfiler Tracer at some point in the past.

Not to worry - I shall update my avatar to sad face.