Difficulty Opening larger Tiff files

I’m trying to access some images I took remotely from home. I have a computer with 8GB RAM and a 4400 Intel Graphics card. When I open a TIF file (16 bit image stack from a spinning disk confocal microscope) less than 45 MB, the file opens. If I open anything bigger, I get the message: “File is not in a supported format, a reader plugin is not available, or it was not found.” If I duplicate a smaller portion of the video on my work computer, and then open it on my computer, they will open. I’ve tried opening the video in all of the different ways (import, drag and drop, open, etc) and they all come with errors. I’ve also tried increasing the memory usage “edit>options>memory and threads” to 6 GB and it still does not work.

TIF files are very general, and you haven’t specified the source of the TIF file, so it could be almost anything. If you know the source, you could possibly look through the forum for more accurate information. I assume you have also already tried the BioFormats importer as the first troubleshooting step, but that should give you a slightly different error message that might be useful.

Hosting a file would be the best step so that someone more acquainted with reading metadata can take a look.


Did you try to open as virtual stack?
File > Import > Tiff Virtual Stack