Difficulty manually setting stain vectors in QuPath- am I missing something?

I am trying to compare results of QuPath immunostain quantitation to a previous analysis run on a subset of my slides in a commercial platform. I do not have access to the previous platform but I have the results, annotation thumbnails, and input parameters, including the RGB values previously used for each stain. I am getting quite different results from the previous analysis and, since the RGB values I estimated from ROI is quite different from the previous analysis, I would like to see what happens when I use the previous RGB values.

In QuPath, I went to the Image tab and clicked on the stain vectors to manually add the previous RGB values. I can type these in to the resulting pop-up but when I hit OK, the values in the Image window remain at the default. I can set the values by using small ROI but, as I said, in this case I wish to manually specify the RGB value. These are czi (Zeiss) images and I have tried this in Brightfield-DAB and Brightfield-Other, with the same result. I am using QP 0.2.0-m9 in Windows. Is there something simple I am missing?

Thanks- I know that the proper comparison is all slides run in one platform and this is my ultimate intent, but first pass results were quite different for the subset that were previously analyzed. I work in a core lab and the client is going to ask me why this is the case. So I want to see what happens when I use the previous RGB values.

How do you type in the values? If there is a space between them – as shown with the initial values when the dialog is shown – it works for me. If there is a comma only (and no space) it does not.

(PS. Probably best move to the latest stable version of QuPath if possible – it’s now at v0.2.1, milestones are no more)

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