Different results in the module EnhanceOrSuppressFeatures in 2 versions



I find the results of the module EnhanceOrSuppressFeatures – Enhance --Neurites --Tubness are different in 2 versions. (V2.2.0 Vs V3.0.0). Could anybody help me to explain and solve the problem please?
I am converting my old pipeline to the new version. The module EnhanceOrSuppressFeatures was used before IdentifyPrimaryObjects. The 2 versions gave me extremely different counts of the identified objects. By using module MeasureImageIntensity to summarize the images step by step, I find out it is the difference in the module EnhanceOrSuppressFeatures in 2 versions that cause the problem.
Looking forward to your suggestions!



Could you please share your pipeline with us? Pipelines built in CP 2.2.0 are not guranteed to be working similarly in CP 3.0.0. Though algorithm hasn’t been changed. I would suggest to build up your pipeline using CP 3.0.0.