Different Measurements in Summary and Results windows

I’m measuring parameters as Area, Mean, IntDen in immunofluorescent tissue sections after subtracting the background, setting the threshold to the image and using Analyze Particles. It works pretty well but I got two different measurements in the Results window and in the Summary one.

Basically, for the Analyse particles, I use 0-infinity and 0-1 circularity, without selecting any of the ‘exclude on edges’ or ‘Include holes’ options. Nonetheless, if I hit the ctrl+M buttons after running the analyze particles, I get the same Area, same Count, same %Area between Summary and Results windows but different Mean and different IntDen. The ctrl+M command gives in the Results window what it looks like the right IntDen, since it is equal to Area*Mean value, but in the Summary window, the IntDen is a value completely different and very small.

Do you know why the Mean and IntDen values are different between the Results and Summary windows? which one is the correct one?

I would really appreciate your opinion.

Thank you

If you hit ctrl+Mean it calculates the mean intensity of the entire image. Except you have an (active?) ROI present in the image. Then it would calculate that only in that ROI. The % area will be the pixels greater than 0. Which would be in a binary image the same as in the analyze particles.

If you get the summary from the analyze particles it gets the mean intensity only within the connected particles (value depends also on if you include or exclude holes). The % area is then the area of these particles from the entire image, which would correspond to the Ctrl+M measurement of the same binary image.

As for what is the correct one… All are correct depending on what you want to measure. So what do you want to measure?