Difference between VSI file opened by ImageJ + Olympus Plugin and Microsoft Paint

     Recently, I need to deploy ImageJ with  **Olympus Plugin**  to open a VIS file which is produced under Olympus microscope. I try to open it with both  **ImageJ**  and  **Microsoft Paint.**  Basically, we will assume that the output are the same under both tools. However, there are a great difference in whatever color, brightness and contrast. 

     I don't know the reason behind it and would like to know how could make the file opened by ImageJ + Olympus Plugin to be similar to that of Paint. Actually, I would take Paint as the standard one since they are most popular among the computer personnel.

    The below Github link (Doc108.docx) contains a detail description of the problem !


Hi @huitikho,

Please explicit your demand more clearly or please offer an example VSI file.

In your document, my theory is that the Olympus viewer uses color balance metadata when opening RGB images, which is why they look so different.

Regarding fluorescence, these are 16-bit images and the display range on your monitor is determined by some internal choice of the software you are using. This can be adjusted with the Process > Enhance Contrast... for ImageJ/Fiji