Dicom file import failed

I am a new user of ImageJ and did not succes in importing Dicom file
the image was extracted from the PACS in DICOMDIR
but the software is unable to decode DICOM header
anyone can help ? Thanks

Welcome to the forum, @Caroline_Malhaire!

Can you please post the steps you followed in ImageJ, along with the error message you are seeing? Ideally also a sample non-working DICOM file (anonymized is OK).

Can you read the problematic DICOM file in other DICOM-compatible software besides ImageJ?

See also the advice for writing good issue reports.


Thank you for your reply
here is the message i got after i tried to import an image from a DVD of a breast mri

Are you able to share the non-working dataset? Without it, it is very difficult to troubleshoot.

Also: are you able to read the problematic DICOM files in other DICOM-compatible software besides ImageJ?