DiAna Plugin sometimes not working

I am using the DiAna Plugin, however I see that in several occasions it seems to calculate for very long (range of 45 minutes) without giving any result or indicating if it is still calculating. The console window does not open. So that I need to end ImageJ in the task manager. Can it be harmul for my computer, given that my laptop just gave up starting at all?

Hi @prisca,

It seems that either DiAna crashed (and you need to check to the console) or did not finish the computation. We noticed that some co-localisation or distance analysis such as border-border distances take very very long in case you have a lot of objects. What measurements are you doing ?



Hello Thomas,
Thanks for your answer. The contact measurements are from two stacks containing 2 distinct cell populations that are quite dense and the cells are not rounded but spread. In the stacks with too many cells the console would not appear (upon clicking) as the measurements were ongoing for very long, so I donĀ“t know if it crashed. I found now that when I have about 500 objects in each stack I need to subdivide in smaller ROIs and then it works well.
kind regards.