DiAna ImageJ Plugin - unable to perform shuffle in a macro

Hi all (and likely most relevantly @ThomasBoudier),

I have a user who has been using the (great) DiAna plugin and came to me to help them batch process images with it. Very helpfully, the macro command for each process is printed to the log output so I thought this would be a very quick project. However, these lines all work when I try them in a macro except for any use of the “shuffle” function.

When doing it manually the log printed line is:
macro commandLine: img1=C1-img-1.tif img2=C2-img-1.tif lab1=labelled-A lab2=labelled-B coloc shuffle

But in a macro the line:
run(“DiAna_Analyse”, “img1=C1-img-1.tif img2=C2-img-1.tif lab1=labelled-A lab2=labelled-B coloc shuffle”)
will produce the coloc results but not the shuffle results.

Additionally, there is no difference between the macro command line output with and without a mask to shuffle within. I have tried a few different guesses but none that have worked out.

Could someone help me help my user to batch shuffle their objects please.


Hi Laura and all,

I just finished the corrections and uploaded the new version. It should work fine now with and without a mask.

Let me know if something wrong occurs or if you need a new feature…


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Thanks so much for getting round to this so quickly!

My initial test went as expected so looks like it’s working.


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