DiameterJ undefined variable error?

Hi! I’m using ImageJ for the first time to analyse fiber diameters. I was able to perform segmentation of my image, but when I try to use DiameterJ 1-018, I get the following:

Macro Error
Undefined variable in line 714:
list2 = getFileList ( "<"myDir2> );

(There are no " marks around the <, they’re just there to display the line code)

Does anyone have any insight to this? I’d appreciate any possible help!

Hi @karuna,

In general, this message means that the variable myDir2 has not been assigned a value.
Look back, up in the macro code, if you did assign a value, if not, do so.
Or is it that the macro code is in the implementation of the plugin and hidden to the user? (I did not install DiameterJ).

Hi @eljonco!

I wasn’t prompted to do anything with the macro code when I installed the plugin. I’ll look through the plugin files to see if I can find it (?) and take a look at what’s at that variable.