Dialog boxes show white text on light gray background

I installed the “no JRE” version of the Fiji today on macOS 11.0.1 Big Sur on Apple Silicon. I also installed Azul Java 8 (LTS) JDK for ARM 64-bit. Fiji starts and runs very fast and the speed is amazing. However, all dialog boxes appear with white text on light gray background. This makes reading very difficult.

Any tips how I can change the color for dialog boxes?

I was wondering how well ImageJ would run on Apple Silicon. The ImageJ 1.53h1 daily build sets the foreground color of GenericDialogs to black. Does this help?

What happens when you try to run the version of Fiji bundled with Java?

Please post the output of the Plugins>Utilities>ImageJ Properties command. I am curious to see what it shows for java.version, java.vendor, os.name, os.version and os.arch.

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Hi Wayne,
thank you for your quick reply.
1.) I just tried the version 1.53h1 but the colors did not change (white text on light gray background).
2.) The Fiji version bundled with Java (Intel on Rosetta 2) runs fine and is totally usable.
3.) The Java properties are as follows:


java.version: 1.8.0_275
java.vendor: Azul Systems, Inc.
os.name: Mac OS X
os.version: 11.0.1
os.arch: aarch64

for the Rosetta 2:

java.version: 1.8.0_202
java.vendor: AdoptOpenJdk
os.name: Mac OS X
os.version: 10.16
os.arch: x86_64

Thanks again for all your help.


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What does the dialog box created by the following JavaScript look like? You will need to add import statements to run in the Script Editor, or paste the code into a Plugins>New>JavaScript window and type cmd-r.

  title = "Untitled";
  width=512; height=512;
  types = ["8-bit", "16-bit", "32-bit", "RGB"];
  gd = new GenericDialog("Example Dialog");
  gd.addStringField("Title:", title);
  gd.addChoice("Type:", types, types[0]);
  gd.addNumericField("Width:", width);
  gd.addNumericField("Height:", height);
  gd.addCheckbox("Ramp", true);

Hi Wayne,
Great, the latest ImageJ update v 1.53g solved the problem. All dialog boxes appear with black taxt on light gray background:


Thank you very much for the quick resolution.

I executed your JavaScript code and it works correctly as well:


Thanks again for all your help.