Developing multi-user annotation system for Whole Slide Images (WSI)

We are looking to develop a web interface to allow different users provide image-level annotations of the same image. Is it possible to implement this in Omero-Web where one instance of the image is created but each image has multiple values of the same attribute? We want to use this with whole slide images.


Hi Heba,

When you say “image-level annotations”, do you mean e.g. Polygons or other shapes drawn on the image (known as Regions of Interest / ROIs in OMERO)? The iviewer plugin provides the ability to draw ROIs on Images and save them to the OMERO server.
See (you can see a longer demo with WSI images at

If you use “read-annotate” permissions in the group where the image is stored in OMERO, then any member of the group will be able to draw ROIs on the image and view ROIs belonging to other users.

Hope that helps,

Hi Will,
Many thanks for your reply and sharing this. This is very useful but it is not what we want to do at this stage. It is simply the user will give the image a label (e.g. tumour or non tumour). Many users will do the same but they should not see each other annotations. Do you think it is possible to do this?

Thank you very much,

It’s certainly possible for users to “Tag” an image and many different users can use the same Tag (if the group permissions are Read-Annotate). For example, create a single “tumour” Tag in the group. But I’m afraid it’s not possible to hide the Tags that other users have applied.