Develop and run QuPath scripts directly from IDE (even remotely)!

cc: @petebankhead
see: QuPath run scripts in existing instance

I’ve written a script to allow running QuPath scripts directly from IDEs such as Eclipse, without having to switch back and forth between QuPath and your IDE. This allows you to press the run button from inside your IDE and see your code’s output directly in the IDE’s output console, without needing to interact with QuPath’s script editor at all! This can even work when QuPath and the IDE are running on different computers, through the magic of TCP forwarding.

I’ve also set up all the boilerplate needed to setup a full Eclipse development environment for QuPath. If you fork the project and use it as a starting point for your Groovy scripting, you will find that QuPath’s methods show up in autocomplete and have javadocs attached out of the box (assuming you have the Groovy plugin installed in Eclipse).

The repository is here:

Please give the repo a star :slight_smile: !

The README is very extensive and has a full guide on how to get set up with Eclipse, how to use the server/client standalone away from Eclipse, and how to setup TCP forwarding via ssh. It also has a demo GIF and some other screenshots.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks to the maintainers of QuPath for making such an amazing piece of software, and thanks for making scripting a first-class feature of QuPath.


Here is a demo GIF from the README:

And here is a screenshot of the autocomplete and javadoc features enabled out-of-the-box by this project:


Excellent, thanks @Arjun.Vikram!