Determining change in fluorescence intensity within an image

Hey there,

I have images that I’ve analyzed for fluorescence, but now I’m interested in analyzing how the expression of said fluorescence changes over the course of the image (i.e. moving from left to right). Is there any simple way to do this within the basic ImageJ programming? Having no technical background, I get a bit dizzy when I see code and would appreciate if someone could direct me towards a method that isn’t too involved with modifying the initial program (granted, if I have to do that… I have to do that). I’m also thinking if there’s a way I can see the plot of fluorescence being integrated from left to right I could just calculate the slope from the beginning to the end…?

My apologies if this question is a repeat… I’ve looked but couldn’t find anything that suited my query. If you can point me in such a direction, I would appreciate it (on the note that I have very limited CS background in terms of knowing how to integrate “macros,” etc.).

Thanks very much in advance for any help!

It would be nice if you would post an example image so that the people in this forum can help you more efficiently.

It would also help to describe how you measure the fluorescence, e.g., like this:

You will also find many hints in the history of this forum, e.g.,: