Detection on cytology slide

Dear users,

I an wonderind if there ia a way to perform cell detection an create a detection classifier on whole slide from sputum cytology.

The goal is to be able to detect epithelial cells as well as the various immune cells.

I have a good experience with Qupath (version 0.2.0-m8) from IHC quantification but i have trouble for this may grunwalg giemsa staining slide.

Thank you in adavance for your help.

Hi @Patrick42, I’ve never worked on a cytology project like this - and so QuPath does not include anything specific to help.

You might find cell detection or superpixel settings that do something useful, but I’m not sure. Or there’s always manual counting in QuPath…

Otherwise, I’m afraid this is one of those cases where a significant amount of work would be required to develop something new to achieve good results (perhaps with ImageJ, perhaps with deep learning). QuPath could help with developing and deploying that ‘something new’, but that’s really all.

(Sorry I missed this question when it was asked.)

@Patrick42, I have the same issue here. In my case, some of the cells have are DAB+, but the main issue is that I can’t get the settings right to detect such huge cells. Were you able to solve the issue? I would love to hear what alternatives you found.