Detection limit in ImageJ's Particle Analyzer

Hi ImageJ team or any experienced user,

I have one question regarding to detection limit in ImageJ.
I tried to detect more than 10k objects and the module could only detect 7k.
Not sure if this is the thresholding issue, but the detected objects are look similar.
I just want to confirm, is the Particle Analyzer has maximum detection capacity to detect object?

You can find the image I use attached. I used 30/255 thresholding setting and watershed before conducting the particle analysis.

Thank you.

DropletsTAMRA01.tif (19.3 MB)


Hi @ims

I found 11950 objects in your example image after setting the threshold to 30/255 and applying watershed.

This is identical to the number of maxima found in your test image (after setting the threshold to 30/255 and applying watershed).

For sure, there is a limit of number of objects in the ParticleAnalyzer because of the limited Java list length and/or maximum Integer value.
But - also for sure - this limit is not at 7k.

Your problem must be somewhere else.

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