Detecting DAPI stained cells

Hello, I have a question
I try to count Dapi stained cells. I made a pipeline which works quite nicely by
first optimizing the image/background
CorrectIllum Calc
Rescale intensity
Measure Image intensity
Apply Treshold (to remove the background)

second to identify objects
IdentifyPrimaryObjects (by pixel size)
filter Object (by intensity)

With this pipeline I have no false positives from the background anymore, but now I have the problem that some filamentous cells are split up into several cells, (I assume because of multiple intensity maxima in the cell). I can solve this somehow issue by excluding cells underneath a certain amount of pixels(count everything>10 p) but than I loose many small cell. it´s a bit a trait off…either have less splited filamentous cells or loosing some small cells.

Do you know how to solve that?

I found a solution by removing the tickmark at “suppress local maxima that are closer than a certain distance” in identifying primary object

Glad to hear that you figured things out!