Detail compactness for a whole stack of images

I would like to know if it could be possible to obtain an additional parameter in the slice geometry package: section compactness. Indeed, I would be very interested in analyzing the variation in bone compactness along the bone. And it does not seem possible for the moment. There is the CSA (corresponding to black + white) but not the area of just the bone (e.g. black).
Thanks in advance for your answer

Dear Alex,

Thanks for your question, and apologies for my slow reply - I am on vacation at the moment.

I guess compactness is the opposite/inverse of ‘porosity’? In other words, is compactness the proportion of the cross section of bone tissue that is bone matrix and not pore space? If that is correct, you have to segment (binarise) your images so that you have two versions: one with the cross section of bone tissue and all the pores filled in and the other one as normal, with the pores set to ‘background’. You could fill the pores in with a simple 2D binary ‘fill’ command, or a combination of erode and dilate, or a blurring operation, and so on. You will have to try to see what works for your images. Then run Slice Geometry on the image with filled in pores and the image with empty pores, and you will have two CSA values for each slice. Subtracting one from the other will give pore area, and porosity would then be something like (CSAfilled - CSAempty)/CSAfilled, and compactness would be 1-porosity.

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