DESPERATELY need help- unificication of brightfield

Hi there
I have 48 photos that i need to use with the fluorescence. it was my first project and i had no much support everything was kinda intuitive. so i made them phase contrast, dic and optical, i need somehow to uniform them for my thesis and no clue how. as these all figures will be following each other. please please help6b


Can you be a bit more specific with what you need to do? What do you mean by


Do you mean ‘merge’ channels? You can check those functions here - in the ImageJ User Guide (which is a great resource to check out).

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Hi elena thanks for response. No I have many different bright field images acquired that need to look similar . These I will merge later on with fluorescent counterparts. But all this bright fields need to be somehow uniform. Some of them are on phase contrast some of them are dic and some of them are optical.