Deselect ROI , how to?

Hi all,

How to effectively deselect an ROI?

When I select an ROI in the ROI manager, it is drawn on my image and I can perform actions on it. When I press the deselect button in the manager or use roiManager(“Deselect”) in a macro. The ROI overlay is still visible and is active. E.g. when I do Edit / Clear the region of the ROI is cleared.

Only when I click on the image, outside of the ROI, the ROI disappears and is not active anymore. How can I do this within a macro.


Yes this is not so intuitive.

Selecting a ROI on the ROI manager also places it on the image.
Using ‘Deselect’ will remove the ROI manager selection (It deselects the ROI from the list in the ROI Manager but not on the image), but the last selection that was placed on the image remains active.

To make sure that nothing is selected on your image, you need the command
run("Select None");
Which is in the Edit > Selection nenu

OK, that helps!

Thank you Olivier