Demo_loadandanalyzeDLCdata - use it for own dataset

I am trying to calculate time_in_each_roi using the demo jupyter notebook. However it is specific for the sample dataset. When I try to route it to a file on my system it shows file not found error.

Here is the portion of code -

video= “C:/Users/abhis/Zuzu_T3.mp4”
DLCscorer= “DLC_resnet50_IIASep8shuffle1_119500”

dataname = str(Path(video).stem) + DLCscorer + ‘.h5’

Dataframe = pd.read_hdf(os.path.join(dataname))

FileNotFoundError Traceback (most recent call last)
7 #loading output of DLC
----> 8 Dataframe = pd.read_hdf(os.path.join(dataname))

~\anaconda3\lib\site-packages\pandas\io\ in read_hdf(path_or_buf, key, mode, errors, where, start, stop, columns, iterator, chunksize, **kwargs)
394 if not exists:
→ 395 raise FileNotFoundError(f"File {path_or_buf} does not exist")
397 store = HDFStore(path_or_buf, mode=mode, errors=errors, **kwargs)

FileNotFoundError: File Zuzu_T3DLC_resnet50_IIASep8shuffle1_119500.h5 does not exist

(Zuzu_T3.mp4 and DLC_resnet50_IIASep8shuffle1_119500.h5 are at the mentioned location.)