Deltavision plugin on mac

I’m brand new to imagej and have just downloaded the program on my mac along with the deltavision plugin. I’m hoping to open .dv files in order to create timelapse videos using imagej. As of yet I’ve had no success opening .dv files despite downloading the plugin to the plugins subfolder in the imagej application folder.

An error message pops up saying ‘file is not in a supported format, a reader plugin is not available, or was not found’.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Dear @hgriffiths,

the Deltavision Opener plugin hasn’t been update since 2006. It’s hard to tell if it is sill functional.

An alternative approach would be to install Bio-Formats and use it to open DeltaVision files.


Thanks for your help but still no luck! I’ve installed the bioformats plugin but after restarting imagej, the bioformats options still don’t appear in the plugins drop down menu

Dear @hgriffiths,
we daily manage Deltavision files in my research campus, we use Fiji distribution with Bio-Formats update site checked.

maybe you could also check what java configuration you are using

I hope that this could help you,
Have a ncie day
Emanuele Martini

Dear @emartini,
Thanks for the help! I’ve taken your advise and downloaded fiji. I’ve been able to open my .dv files however they are coming up as a blank black screen which turns into a grey black scrambled screen as I press play. What would you recommend?
Before opening, a ‘Bio-Formats Import Options’ pop-up appears with a variety of options. Do you have any suggestions as to which options I should choose?

Dear @hgriffiths,
I usally set Hyperstack viewer and I check autsocale (I think this could be related to your weird visualization of the images when you click play), sometimes I split the channels.

Have a nice day,

All sorted @emartini , thank you so much!