Delta F/F calculations

Hello! I’m trying to do some delta f/f analysis of a rather large timelapse (16.7gb) and found a really useful page about it - but can’t find the plugin. I would use the older versions of ImageJ but they’re limited in the amount of RAM they can use (Fiji is more suitable). Would anyone have a suitable plugin or source code for this old one??


That T-functions page is part of the Fiji Cookbook. You can get the relevant plugins by enabling the Cookbook update site.

Unfortunately, regarding the Delta F plugins specifically, there is some bad news: Delta F down was never implemented—it does nothing when run. I took a stab at implementing it, but ran into some serious issues and gave up. A motivated intermediate programmer could very likely overcome them though given a few hours of effort.

I would suggest giving Delta F Up a try and see whether it works for your use case. If it works, and you need Delta F Down as well, then I can look into merging my patches as-is, so you can benefit from them, with the caveat that they may be seriously broken with hyperstacks, and in some other circumstances.

Thanks for the help @ctrueden! Just enabled the cookbook (very easy altogether).

I’m not overly great at coding but might give it a go.

For sure I’ll try Delta F Up and post here if it works. There’s only 3 dimensions in the stack (X, Y and Time) so maybe the hyperstack issues won’t be a problem.

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