Delete uploaded files please



It seems impossible for users to delete files to their own update site.
However, as I used the update site for the first time, I uploaded files with mistakes that I would like to remove.
My update site is IMOD-ZOLA.

First, I use Jcuda bindings and I put cuda libraries and jar files directly to my update site in order to have an easy to use plugin. Actually, this was a mistake since it depends on the cuda version installed on the computer. In fact, it is more convenient to copy/paste these files manually in FIJI folder. So, I removed them from the update site and I put these files manually in FIJI folder. However, now, the FIJI update site tries to delete them since it is considered as “obsolete”. So, I would like to delete these files from the update site.

Second, The first time I created my plugin using Maven, I downloaded a pom file written by Curtis Rueden as an example (from example-legacy-plugin). And the first time I uploaded my plugin, I forgot to remove his name in the pom file. Now, I removed his name but C Rueden is still appearing as a developper in my update site. So, could it be possible to remove the first versions of my plugin in my update site ?

To conclude,
Would it be possible to remove completely the following folders and files:

Thank you for your response,


This is intended: once users have subscribed to your update site, the only way for the updater to know if a file in their local installation is locally modified (and should be kept) or outdated (and requires to be overwritten by an updated version from the site) is to compare it with all known versions of that file.

Update sites are not intended to be browsed with a normal file or web browser.

In order to “remove” files from the update site (i.e. make the updater understand that they’re outdated), please use Mark obsolete from within the updater.

Also see here:

and here:


Thank you for your reply.
Actually, everything is marked as obsolete. The problem is that when I put files manually in Fiji folder, then the update site remove my files since they are marked as obsolete, that I don’t want.
I think the only solution is to remove completely the lib and jar folders of IMOD-ZOLA update site.
Would it be possible to do it ?
Thank you,