Delete multiple cells at the same time with ROI

Hi all,

I use QuPath very often and I’m @petebankhead gratefull for this program!

In the first version of QuPath (0.1.2) it was possible to delete multiple cells that we’re detected positive with selecting these cells with making a new ROI.

With the last update of milestone 8 this is no longer possible.

My question is, is there an option to select multiple cells at the same time with ‘drawing’ a new ROI (see the pictures below)

Thank you!


Hi Kimberly,

If you activate the ‘Selection mode’ (see picture below) and then any of the drawing tools, you should be able to select your cell detections by drawing a shape around them and delete them (with the Delete key on your keyboard for instance)!

I think that’s what you meant? :slight_smile:


@K.massy I think you were relying on the old automatic hierarchy behavior - replicating this is still possible, but now involves an extra step as explained here.

But @melvingelbard’s suggestion of ‘Selection mode’ gives you another way to delete cells (not possible in v0.1.2), which might be more convenient.

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Oh wow, I’ve seen this button before, but I didn’t notice that the button was meant to select objects! :sweat_smile:

Thank you both @melvingelbard @petebankhead :grinning: