Default license on images/scripts posted on forum

I am curious what the default license is on images and scripts people post here.

Personally, the license on anything I post is “do whatever you want with it, sell it if you want (not that it’s worth much), just don’t sue me”, which I think is close to the BSD license.

However I have heard that any code you post defaults to “all rights reserved” if you don’t license it. Is that true?? Does that include forum code and/or images?

A lot of the examples posted here are really useful, I don’t mind asking people for permission to re-use them, but also curious what the default is.

I believe this section of the TOS covers it.

If those words need to be tweaked, then we can do that. But IANAL, so am nervous about changing anything written there lightly.


The default license for forum contributions is actually in the next section of the TOS.

I agree with @ctrueden that we shouldn’t change things there lightly, but can if the need arises.

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Thanks Mark. I think it is ideal that the user contributions are licensed under CC0—i.e.: unlicensed / public domain. As with ImageJ itself, this frees people from needing to worry about licensing issues when working with code snippets here.

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