Deeplabcut not using GPU


We are running DeepLabCut and noticed that it is using the CPU instead of the GPU.

here is the performance of the CPU and GPU while the model is training.

We also tried to specify the gpu by using the ‘gputouse=0’ when training our model.

The program is running very slow due to this issue. If you can help us specify this task to the GPU, please let us know.

Thank you,

Without more information, I cannot troubleshoot this; namely, can you verify your in the GPU env, and CUDA is installed? here are some tips to verify:

I don’t see CUDA listed. I.e. here is what my NVIDIA-SMI looks like:

I had trouble with the installation, most likely my cuda wasn’t installed properly. Can you please instruct me on which version CUDA, cuDNN, Tensorflow are compatible with GPU driver 385.54. Additionally, is numpy necessary and which version is the correct one? Final question, when you install tensorflow does it need to be in the same environment as deeplabcut?

I tried to follow the instructions to the best of my ability however I found myself installing and re-installing different versions of the programs because I would get an error message saying ‘**** is compatible with ****v16.0.0 but you’ll have ****v12.1’

Thank you for your time,

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