Deeplabcut moving labels?

Hi there, I am trying to track some corner of a box and I have noticed that some of the labels I have created are quite moved from the original point. Has anyone experienced anything similar ?!

I am attaching all the frames labelled to show how much the labelling is incorrect. (central point especially)

Perhaps when you label you are using a large dot size, so it’s not precisely at the center. You can load the images in the labeling GUI, and look at them there?

I noticed the movement in the GUI as well, Iusually set the marker size before placing it to avoid this.

Can you share a video where this behavior occurs? I don’t understand the last comment; yes, you can set the marker size, then move the label by dragging it to a new location (also, be sure zoom and pan are “off”). Can you tell me which version of DLC you are using?