DeepLabCut Import 3D Calibration from DLT or other


We would like to use DeepLabCut to track 3D data but we do not have the checkerboard images as we took the videos years ago and did calibration through DLT. Is it possible to directly import camera calibrations into 3D DeepLabCut? Or at least to point us to where DeepLabCut stores calibrations?



You might want to check out our cheetah project then, which used EasyWand/DLT:

Bob, since the workshop I’ve started code to be able to move between DLC and DLT. I should have something in a week or so and will link to the repo here.

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As is abundantly clear in the readme, I have not fully tested these scripts, but they “seem” to work. Have at it.

Hi Brian -

This is fantastic. Thanks for doing these! I will try out the scripts as soon as I get back to the lab computer.