Deeplabcut 2.1.7 is released

DeepLabCut is released! simply update (fully backwards compatible with all your 2.x projects) with:

pip install deeplabcut==2.1.7 in your conda env!

  • Most importantly model export functionality: #649
    Export DLC models. Saves the pose configuration, snapshot files, and frozen graph of the model to a directory named exported-models within the project directory.

Example: deeplabcut.export_model('/analysis/project/randomDLC-task/config.yaml')

  • ability to label data that are not pngs! 2e9003c
    E.g. Label all jpg and jpeg in a labeled-data folder:
    label_frames(config ,imtypes=['*.jpg','*.jpeg'])
  • better assesment of frame extraction errors (#642)
  • Numpy/Moviepy conflict in dependencies (#645 )
  • GUI shuffle value #647
  • update to Demo notebook #657

Thanks to all the contributors!