DeepLabCut 2.1.5 - minor updates

Happy new year! This version has a few minor updates. A big release is around the corner…

  • Accelerate training set creation (by at least 2x, up to 10x under multiple train size/split conditions);
  • Possibility to pass lists of train–test indices for user-defined splits in create_training_dataset()
  • Selecting bodyparts for plotting; fixed #504
  • plot_trajectories now allows for selection of bodyparts (also in the Project GUI)
  • create_labeled_videos now allows selection of bodyparts in Project GUI
  • fix for 3D plotting if videos of different views have different length de35651
  • reading num_outputs from configfile (if it exists): 2fe0fcc
  • Better message when no videos are found during analysis: d275c3c

This release includes contributions from the new DLC-ChanZuckerbergInitiative fellows JessyLauer @jeylau, @AlexEMG and @MMathisLab

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