DeepLabCut 2.0.9 (including rotation, etc. augmentation via Tensorpack, multi instance detection, utility functions and more)

We have a new DLC release with the following updates:

pip install deeplabcut==2.0.9

  • Tensorpack integration for more choices of data augmentation.
    PR: #409 Thanks to Katie Rupp!
  • Option to output multiple predictions per bodypart #321 Thanks to Pierre Karashchuk!
  • Fixed error in deeplabcut.analyze_time_lapse_frames() – was not updated when changing TF code). Thanks to Ambareesh Jayakumari!
  • added utilityfunctions: adddatasetstovideolistandviceversa, dropannotationfileentriesduetodeletedimages, dropduplicatesinannotatinfiles (among others)
  • new functions to crop and downsample videos deeplabcut.ShortenVideo and deeplabcut.DownSampleVideo
  • documentation of extra helper functions (see docs)
  • option to check number of frames not from metadata of video