Deep Learning in MIB - Preprocessing of images

Hi All,

I am using MIB 2.702 standalone version. I am trying to use the 2D U-net network: I paid attention to have at least 2 of each category of images (validation, prediction, training) in the corresponding libraries, and tried to preprocess the images. But when I press the button, the loading bar stops at a point
processing-images.tif (114.7 KB)

and in the command panel I get the following lines:
error-matlab.tif (1.4 MB)

Although, no errormessage pops up, and subfolders in the Results folder are created, they miss some files, either in the validation folders or the training folders. That causes troubles later when I try to train the network and use it to predict new images.

Did I do something wrong?


Hi Attila,
I believe your files are 3D stacks. For 2D networks the files have to be individual 2D slices. If it is so, you can load your 3D stack and resave it as 2D slices.

Best regards,

btw, I suggest to use this beta version as it is way better for 2D augmentations: Release MIB 2.712 BETA · Ajaxels/MIB2 · GitHub