Deep learning and Mask R-CNN

I am brand new to CellProfiler but did not see this topic discussed. What machine-learning algorithms is CellProfiler using? If I can’t identifying the phenotype I want to study, then I might need to move on to deep learning using algorithms such as Mask R-CNN, is this supported? … or is it on the roadmap? if yes then any schedule for release?

You may wish to check out the CellProfiler blog on Monday :slight_smile:

But in the meantime take a look at some not-currently-integrated-in-CellProfiler work here:

I’d also check out

Thanks! Sounds like Xmas will arrive early this year LOL :christmas_tree:

Thanks for the link ! gives me some good reading material for the weekend :slight_smile:

Mask RCNN isn’t just on our roadmap, we’re actively working on it. You can follow our progress here:

thanks for the info, look forward to seeing it released!