Decimal places in measurement tool

I have been using the measurement tool for calculating the area of an image in FIJI. Recently, it stopped giving any decimal places - just .000 although in measurement settings I still have it set to record to three decimal places. I have closed down, restarted, and still it does this. Any idea what I am doing wrong? Thanks!

Hi Jennifer,

The fact that you see three decimal places (.000) recorded shows that your setting is correctly set to 3 decimal (available via Analyze > Set Measurements…).

There are several possible causes for all decimal places being 0 in your measurement:

  • the parameter you are measuring is an integer (e.g. intensities in an 8-bit image, or pixel numbers in an area measurement)
  • the value of your measurement is smaller than 0.0005, so that the three-decimal representation becomes 0.000

Check the calibration of the image dimensions (Image > Properties): Pixel width, height and depth. It’s possible that ImageJ didn’t read any calibration, so the default units are (integer) pixels.