Debugging Stitching Plugin

Hi all,
I am trying to debug the stitching plugin using eclipse. I have imported the project using the following link :- .

When I run the main class, the statement pops up - "Unrecognized command: “Grid/Collection stitching” . I am able to run stitching plugin using standalone FIJI but not through Eclipse.

What am I doing wrong ? Any ideas how to debug the stitching plugin using eclipse ?

package plugin;

public class test {
public static void main(String args)
Stitching_Grid kip=new Stitching_Grid();;

I used this code to instantiate a Stitching_Grid object and just called it with a null string

Hi @guneetsinghmehta

I found the example in the imageJ tutorials quite usefull.

just call you plugin from the ImageJ instance

ij.command().run(Stitching_Grid.class, true);

This assumes, that you have a pom with the necessairy dependencies in your pom. An easy way is to make pom-imagej the parent of your prject pom.

This will only work with classes that extend org.scijava.Command (i.e. ImageJ2 plugins and other SciJava commands).

Stitching_Grid is a pure ImageJ 1.x plugin (ij.plugin.PlugIn).

@guneetsinghmehta did you try IJ.runPlugIn(ImagePlus imp, String className, String arg)?