DCX quantification

Hi everyone,
I want to count DCX(doublecortin) stained cells in my slice using CP. They are the brown cells in the picture. I think I have the pipelines needed. But CP is not picking up the correct cells. Does anyone know how to do that? I am attaching the image(.bmp) and pipelines.
Thank you.200_DG_2_10152019.bmp (4.0 MB) DCX IHC DG trial 10.14.2019.cppipe (23.9 KB)

Hi Fancy,

I checked your pipeline. CP is not picking up the cells because you might have to remove the background a bit. I have just added a Enhancesuppress module to suppress some background and now your segmentation seems to be better. I have also changed size & Threshold parameters in Primary Object which made it even better. But you can change back according to your requirement. Even only with EnhanceSuppress it works better. Here is the screenshot & pipeline attached.

DCX IHC DG trial 10.14.2019_LB.cppipe (24.7 KB)
Hope this helps.

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