DCAM-API with Matrox frame grabber?


I’m trying to get the C9100-02 Hamamatsu camera working with micro-manager.
I’ve installed DCAM-API to the system (v19, because OS is Win7).
The frame grabber in the system is Matrox Solios XCL.
Intellicam from Matrox can see the camera.
DCAM-API configurator sees the camera.
But DCAM fails to initialize (Initializing DCAM-API… Fail: dcamapi_init() )

The question is if I need a frame grabber necessarily from Active Silicon (which is listed in the compatibility note of DCAM-API), or am I missing some drivers or anything? Maybe somebody has the experience with running MM + DCAM-API with different frame grabber (i.e. not listed in DCAM-API documentation)?