Date modified of a file


Is it possible to extract and use the time stamp of an image when it was acquired? What I mean is that I am in need of using the time stamp when the tiff file was saved onto the hard drive. It is the “date modified” property of the file.

It would be preferred to do it in Cellprofiler, but if it is not possible in CP, then doing it in FiJi would be fine too?

Background in case you wonder why I need this. We have a plate reader machine that writes a time lapse movies by frame-by-frame onto the hard drive as tiff files as it acquires the frames. Obviously each file has the timestamp of when it was acquired and written. I analyze the movies (frame-by-frame) in CP, but would like to plot the data vs the actual time rather then vs frames.

Thank you,

Hi @Jama,

I’m not sure that CellProfiler can actually pull out the timestamp of a file for export, unless there are additional xml data files saved alongside each image by the microscope? Otherwise you’re right that you could extract this information with an ImageJ macro, or alternatively you could try something like a Python script to annotate the data table with the file names.