DataDisplayOnImage doesn't generate proper image

I’m using Mac 10.6, CellProfiler v. 10211. When using DataDisplayOnImage, the image is shown correctly in the module window, but it is not saved properly or passed on to the next module properly. 8-bit images are made all 255 and 16-bit images are made all 0. I saw that there was another bug with this module’s save (viewtopic.php?f=16&t=922&p=3780&hilit=displaydataonimage#p3780), but my problem is different. I attached a sample pipeline.
simple_pipeline.cp (4.39 KB)

Hi, same problem for us on a windows operating system. Cheers, Tischi

Thanks for reporting this - unfortunately, a mistake of mine, easily corrected. We’re releasing in a day or so, the patch is simple enough that we’ll get it into that release.

Our latest release, r10415, includes the fix for this issue.