Data management BisQue

dear Forum
does someone use Bisque as storage and image/data management?

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It seems that BisQue is a direct competitor to OMERO. What advantages do you see in BisQue over OMERO?

Dear dehurt,
this image here is for me an advantage have also a directory tree with more than two levels:

and with a lot of not image format files.
Here I was having a nice conversation with Omero team about that.

It seems to me not so much used and updated, and also I am trying to understand how many levels of group and permission privileges in terms of sharing projects and data Bisque has.
These two facts (group privacy and privileges and community support) seem very better with omero.

Yes, BisQue does look promising in many ways, but the user community is not nearly as large as for OMERO.

Interesting what you say about groups and permissions. I’ve had some people tell me that the limit of a directory tree with only 2 levels is a “no-go” for OMERO. I think that they were thinking that this directory tree limit is also a limit to group privacy and sharing. But your comment suggests that these are two separate concepts.

I’m pretty new to OMERO. Is this a good reference?

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yes we are not yet at the point of groups and permissions but the doc you linked will be our starting point.

I think that support and documentation for Omero is very helpful and well done.
For Bisque, it seems not.

this is also one of my concern about implement omero for a 100 users facility like my campus, but not from the privacy and sharing point of view moreover about ease and flexibility of data and experiment browsing (plus be sure that all the original data coming from the microscopes will be easily recovered and reconstructed and downloaded)

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