Data download via Aspera not possible

I am trying to download the data from IDR0033.
Unfortunately, while I was able to access the data last week - the connection is reset now before I can access the repository.

Does anyone know if that error is due to some server maintance or so?


Hi @Daniel. Welcome!

I’ve just tested a small download from idr0033 without issues. Can you check if it’s working for you now? How much were you able to download previously?

I didn’t receive any notifications of server maintenance for Aspera at EBI, but if you’re still having issues, I’ll open a ticket with IT.

All the best,

Dear @joshmoore ,

I just tried again and now it seems to work like a charm.
Yesterday I couldn’t access the server at all thus I couldn’t download any image.

I will download the whole data set of the illumination corrected images (roughly 270 GB).

Thanks a lot for your help anyways!

Best regards from Zurich,

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